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Sat. 191

Development and advancement of an online knowledge community for health education

Nikos Dovros
Phd Student
           Makrakis Vasileios


With the call for a change in the way students are educated in order to meet their demands in the era of information and technology, new innovative teaching methods are under investigation. The purpose of this study is to outline the implications of using this approach to promote school health education concepts for a sustainable future society with the use of ICT tools. Participatory action research is the research method adopted to inquire the presuppositions needed, in order to develop an online environment to advance education for sustainable development, especially in the health education area.  The ultimate aim of the study is to construct an online community, which will scaffold the teachers with learning and teaching modules for problem-based learning activities and promote schools as agents of education for sustainable development.

Keywords: continuing professional development, health education, problem-based learning, sustainable development, teachers as agents of change.

Full pdf text (Summit for the redefinment of teacher education towards sustainable development)