globalglobal_citWelcome to the Education for Sustainable Development portal. Our aim is to create a web environment to promote problem based learning, in the subject of Education for Sustainable Development through the integration of Hypermedia Technologies. In this section you can find comprehensive learning modules and examples, which can be implemented in innovative educational practices.

Lesson Templates

  • The integration of ICT in the educational process pre-supposes a constructivist approach and an instructional planning based on a legitimate pedagogical approach.
  • In this unit ready to use lesson templates are proposed, based on certain student-centered instructional strategies to enhance creativity and critical thinking, which are derived from a problem-based perspective.
  • The proposed learning modules can be modified to meet the needs of the subject and the pedagogical approach adopted.
  • LAMS, as an e-learning application, is used. Press the 'Προεπισκόπηση" button in order to view the proposed strategy.
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1 Τα έξι καπέλα σκέψης του De Bono Νίκος Δόβρος 3678
2 Διαπραγμάτευση εναλλακτικών εννοιών 2 Νίκος Δόβρος 938
3 Διαπραγμάτευση εναλλακτικών εννοιών 1 Νίκος Δόβρος 886
4 Ανάληψη εναλλακτικών ρόλων Νίκος Δόβρος 1068

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